Sunday, June 25, 2006

Weekly update

Work on Love & Braces is going well, though finding the time to work on it can be hard. I try to set aside some time every day, but so many things can come in the way. I want to say it's the time of the year, but I know it's not just that. But I am making good headway and I really like how it is turning out.

I am a bit disappointed in not being able to drum up more interest in Retainer Girl. I know I could be doing more to get the word out, but I think finishing the next Dr.Wrighting books is more important right now. I think that over the long term having a set of several orthodontic fictions available will really help, and I still hope I can get both the new ones out by fall.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Weekly update

I'm kinda disappointed that things are going so slooow. No one is discovering Retainer Girl yet, or the website, or the blog. I haven't tried to publicize it, but maybe that's what I'll have to do. But I'd still like to see if it can catch on on its own.

I haven't made too much progress on the next Dr.Wrighting novels in the past week. Too much else to do.

We did make the decision about Allie and Betty's braces. We are going to wait until we get back in September. The orthodontist is eager to get started but Betty is getting a palatal expander and I didn't feel comfortable with either of them starting their treatment when we're going to be away for so long so soon. But he mapped out their treatment and we are going ahead with it when we get back.

Both girls sighed with huge relief when Mr.Aimes and I decided we would wait until September. I'm trying to prepare them for it but its hard. Writing the Dr.Wrighting novels just reminds me how hard it is to ease the whole experience.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Weekly update

Retainer Girl is now also available at! Right here! With the description, though I still have to fix part of that. But I'm glad the description is there, so readers know what to expect. (I sent in the description to Barnes & Noble, but it's not there yet).

At Barnes & Noble they now list "People who bought this book also bought", so maybe someone has already bought it!

Writing on the next Dr.Wrighting novels went pretty slow this week. And Mr.Aimes is less of a weekend help with the World Cup on now for the next month. Unfortunately the girls are not as devoted, though at least they're watching England play today.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Weekly update

Seeing the book is available at B&N was a big step. Still waiting on Amazon. And it would be nice if someone bought the book....

I didn't get as much writing done, but this week should be better. The girls are back in school and that makes a big diference.

I talked with my husband about the weblog, and he's thinks it's o.k. for me to write about some of the personal things. Like the girls, especialy since they'll be getting braces sooner or later and that is relevant. He suggested the names I should use: Allie and Betty. Typical! And he just wants to be Mr.Aimes.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Alyssa Milano is a retainer girl

Someone sent me these links of the actress Alyssa Milano wearing retainers!

I don't let the girls watch Charmed but they've seen Who's the Boss and probably recognize her. But if I show them the pictures will they think it's cool that she wears a retainer in public even as a grown-up or will they just be terrified that they'll have to wear retainers all their lives??? I don't remember, but I don't think she had any braces on Who's the Boss so maybe she just had her teeth fixed again recently and that's why she needs them.

Maybe she'll want to read Retainer Girl!

Friday, June 02, 2006

Retainer Girl available at Barnes & Noble!

Barnes and Noble is the first online retail outlet where Retainer Girl is available, aside from Lulu! That went much quicker than I expected. (Amazon still doesn't have it.)

The book was listed, but as unavailable. Then they added the cover picture! And now everyone can buy it! Click here. They even discount it a bit (though buying direct from Lulu is still cheaper). I'll have to try to add a description but it's great they already have the cover. Lulu says that at Amazon I'm going to have to download the cover to them .....

This is soooo exciting!