Friday, August 24, 2007

Other books on Google?

Someone left a comment, asking whether or not The Braced Experience would also be available on the Google-books-site, like Retainer Girl where the whole text is there.

For now I don't plan to add it (or Love and Braces). I put the first book there to see if it would help get attention and interest readers, but I don't think it has. And with one book there and the others not I can compare in the future whether it makes any difference. So for now readers will just have to risk it and buy the books - although there are a few excerpts on the site which should help them decide (and there's more on the Lulu pages: check out the samples at the pages for TBE, L&B, and RG).

It's too bad no one has reviewed the books at Lulu or Amazon or Barnes & Nobles. Maybe that would help people make up their minds. But I think if you liked one you'll like the others as well. I feel bad that the books are so expensive, but The Braced Experience and Love and Braces are both a lot longer than Retainer Girl so I hope readers get more for their money too.

Each book is a bit different. Love and Braces is definitely more mature, and describes the whole experience of having braces from beginning to end. The Braced Experience gives you lots of different stories about having braces. I think you should try them all of course!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Weekly update

All of a sudden the essays are really popular, with a lot of people coming to the site to read about Lolita's Braces and The Unfabulous Appearances and Reality of Braces on TV - but it doesn't seem to have helped sell any more books! Is the audience for Retainer Girl and Love and Braces and The Braced Experience so totally different? I was sure readers who were interested in the essays and the way wearing braces is shown on TV and in movies would like the books too. I still think they would, but nobody seems to be trying them out.

So maybe I should just publish a collection of orthodontic essays....

It's nice to be on vacation, but I'm not getting much done on the next book yet. But maybe not that many people want to read it anyway....