Saturday, June 13, 2009

Retainer Girl on Kindle!

They don't have the Kindle e-reader here yet but I keep reading about it. Nobody has downloaded the e-versions of the books from Lulu but maybe Kindle is a more user-friendly platform so I decided to give it a try. So Retainer Girl is now available here on Kindle!

I made the price very low too for now, to see if anyone will buy it. Too bad they haven't put up the editorial descriptions yet so people could know what the book is about! But maybe some of you have Kindles and will want to check it out like that.

It's really easy to make the book available on Kindle so if this sells even a few copies I'll put the others up too.

There aren't too many other books about having braces on Kindle so maybe that will help!

I have so much other new stuff written down which I should get ready to publish too. I'm sorry I haven't published anything new in so long!