Thursday, July 27, 2017

"Mothers, Daughters, Braces"

What is it?
The latest Dr.Samantha Wrighting novel from Intraoral Press.

What is it about?

It’s about mothers and daughters.
There’s Rachel and Alexis – the mother who refused to get braces when she was a girl, and the daughter who now needs them but doesn’t want them either.
There’s Dr.Wrighting and Natalie – the strict orthodontist and the devoted daughter, who can’t imagine life without braces.

It’s about braces.
The conflicted feelings about getting them and having them. The burdens and joys, the embarrassments and satisfactions, the highs and the lows.

It’s about growing up – and growing up with braces.
It’s about being a parent – and being the parent of a teen in braces.
It’s about friendship.
It’s about family.
It’s about the bonds that are strengthened by braces.

It’s a simple story – but like any honest story about having braces, there’s so much more to it. How can Rachel and her husband Andrew convince Alexis to get braces? What does Rachel learn about herself as she struggles to find a way to get Alexis to do the right and necessary thing? What surprising decision does Rachel make along the way? What kind of friendships and bonds develop when Rachel and Alexis enter Dr.Wrighting’s orthodontic world? And just how hard is it to face the world in braces? Mothers, Daughters, Braces is full of memorable characters and events as Rachel and Alexis travel on this twisted orthodontic journey.

How long is it?
Long! Epic! A quarter of a million words. 635 pages of braced reading pleasure.

Where can I get it?
In print: from Lulu
As an ePub: from Lulu
On Kindle: at all the Amazons – US, UK, Germany and all the rest

(And it will be available in print from your local retailer and Amazon and Barnes & Noble soon, as well as as an iBook.)

Why doesn’t my local library have a copy yet?
Well, it did just come out. But ask them – they should definitely get copies!

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

It's here !

It's here!

It's: the new Dr.Samantha Wrighting novel!
It's: epic!
It's: a quarter of a million words long (635 pages!)


It's: available — in print and as an ePub from Lulu, and from all the Amazons on Kindle (also UK, Germany, Netherlands, etc.) 

Mothers, Daughters, Braces — the orthodontic epic of our times.

Sunday, July 02, 2017

Headgear video

This is fun and really well done! I hope Green Eyed Jen will do more episodes — and maybe she won't even hate the headgear (that much...) anymore...