Saturday, January 27, 2007

Weekly update

Love and Braces is almost out of my hands. There's an ISBN number, and now it's just a matter of checking the printed copy and then finally saying it is done and ready. It will probably take a few more weeks before it is available at Amazon or Lulu but I hope people can start buying it soon.

I'll post as soon as it is available anywhere, and I'm going to wait until it is before writing too much about it here, because it's not that much use for me to tell you about it if you can't get it for yourself !

Getting it done has also really unblocked me. Editing and proofreading was incredibly tiresome but ever since I finished that I've been writing away at new projects. Love and Braces is really long - about 280 pages! - and that's a long time to spend on one story. I've been thinking about the next Dr.Wrigting book I want to write, anbd there are several which I have planned, but the first thing I had to do was get started on a story collection. Shorter stories of orthodontic experiences. I have about 15 story idea right now and I've already written first drafts of a couple. There might even be enough material for two books. I like the story form because it allows me to focus on specific things about having braces. But don't worry! There are more novels on the way too.

Both girls are now dealing with orthodontic equipment and regular visits to the orthodontist and that has also inspired me - and gives me a lot more material ! I'll have to write about how that affects what I am writing too at some point.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Weekly update

Almost finished with Love & Braces. Almost. Almost. Reading it over and over to find and fix the mistakes before printing takes so long, because it really requires concentration but since I've read it so often it's often hard to stay concentrated. But I think it turned out well and I should be able to get started with the printing process soon.

Retainer Girl has done o.k. so far but I expected it to do a bit better. I think having a second book out will help.