Saturday, August 20, 2016

Paperback discount

I've been meaning to post that now, with summer almost over, and with school starting again a lot of kids are also taking that big step of getting braces, and that it's the perfect time to get them a copy of Brooke in Braces. And that this is one of the titles readers might prefer in paperback (while most of the Dr.Wrighting books are more popular as ebooks).

Now is the perfect opportunity to get the paperback of Brooke in Braces, or any of the other Intraoral Press books in paperback, because if you buy them directly from Lulu before midnight on August 24th you get 25% off, if you use the code "AUG2016". That's a great deal! 25% off!

It only applies to paperbacks, not ebooks, but if you've been wanting to complete your collection of Intraoral Press titles in paperback, or if there's a girl you know who is facing getting braces, or who has them, and who could really use a copy of Brooke in Braces, now is the time to get them!