Thursday, December 19, 2013

Season's Greetings

So of course I promised too much when I thought I could get the new book finished in time for Christmas. Because it's...Christmas, and I forgot how much else there is to do in the weeks before then! The good news is that the book is going well. It's even pretty close to finished, but I still have to work it over a bit and with the editing and everything I don't want to rush things. So it will be a 2014 publication. But hopefully very early in 2014!

But I will let you in on the title; Bracing Daydreams. And there will be a twist or two to the publication of the book.

I hope all my readers have a Merry Christmas - and that some new readers get some Intraoral Press books as presents!

Friday, November 29, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope all my readers had a great Thanksgiving. That's one of the toughest days of the year not to be back in America, since it's impossible to recreate most of that here. But missing Black Friday is ok!

There is a new book on the horizon! A smaller one - not sure whether it'll just be 'short' yet - but I hope I can fix it up well in time as a Christmas treat for my readers. (I'm sort of glad I didn't (or won't...) quite finish it in November, since I don't want to be just another author who tried "National Novel Writing Month" but it sort of feels like I participated because after a long time of not being able to get a lot of writing done I've been doing well this month. But this is just one smaller project. The bigger ones are still going to take longer.)

Hope you're having good turkey leftovers!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Popular transformations

This book Popular: Vintage Wisdom for the Modern Geek, which is coming out in a few months, sounds like it might be fun. And the teen author Maya Van Wagenen looks appropriately geeky on the book Facebook page:

Yay, braces !

Now it turns out that she has a movie deal for the book already too, with Dreamworks (that sounds like a really big deal). That's really great - but I was really disappointed to see that all of a sudden she looks like this:

No glasses, no braces, no retainer! I guess it's great that she made that transformation from geeky young teen with braces and glasses to a pretty miss whose main accessory is a pearl necklace, but I wonder about the message it sends too. I mean, I haven't read the book but just looking at the pictures it's hard not to think that maybe she became more popular by ditching the glasses and especially the braces and looking normal instead of all wired-up freaky. So it's great that she's still using the old picture on the Facebook page and that readers are greeted by that, but I guess I wish she hadn't left that stage behind her so quickly. Like maybe at least be wearing a retainer in the new picture - a leftover touch of the geeky girl!

And will read the book when it comes out. I wonder if braces play a part in her story!

Monday, September 02, 2013

Fall update

I can't believe how quickly the summer flew by. And I didn't even post anything when we were visiting home on holiday and now it's already back to school time.

I have been busy but not busy enough. I am still working on my big project, and there are a couple of others too. I know I should just concentrate on one at a time, but each one has its own special appeal and some days I'm more in the mood for one, some days for another.

But I hope readers are exploring the Dr.Wrighting books they haven't read yet - there are a lot to choose from after all - and I promise there will be more.

I hope all my readers had a great summer.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

"A Bracing Life" in print at Amazon

A Bracing Life: The Dr. Samantha Wrighting Interview has been available in print from Lulu already, but now it's also available at Amazon and all the foreign Amazons - UK and Canada and Germany and so on. Nobody really seems very interested in print editions, which kind of surprises me, but I thought you'd like to know. I know it's more expensive, but it looks really good and I know sometimes I like reading real books more than reading on my Kindle and iPad. And I like that shelf of Intraoral Press books I have! Thoiugh of course as the author I would say that, wouldn't I?

The American Amazon even offers it at a small discount - $13.38 instead of the list price of $14.95!

Of course I don't care whether you read my books as ebooks or in print - I'm just real happy that you're reading them...and I hope more of you will, too!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Look inside "A Bracing Life"

The Kindle page for my new book A Bracing Life: The Dr. Samantha Wrighting Interview now lets you "look inside" the book, and so you can read a nice big part of the beginning which shows you what I did here. Just click on the cover! I hope you'll take a look - and that you like it enough to buy the whole book!

The formatting is also pretty cool. The book has a table of contents and so you can jump to the sections now, which I never tried in the other ebooks. I think it looks really good on your ereader, so I hope that makes reading it more fun too.

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

"A Bracing Life: The Dr. Samantha Wrighting Interview" - available now

This is so exciting! The new book is now out! It's called A Bracing Life: The Dr. Samantha Wrighting Interview and you can get it on Kindle (at all the foreign Amazons too!), or from Lulu in print or as an ebook.

The book is exactly what the title says. It's me in conversation with Dr.Wrighting! I thought this was a really fun idea. Dr.Wrighting appears in all these other books, but this is a great way to learn more about her. It was also interesting for me as a writer to get to know one of my characters like this.

Maybe my readers who really like the stories which have descriptions of patients getting and having braces might be a little bit disappointed because this is just a conversation, but I think anyone who wants to know more about Dr.Wrighting and her methods and what she does in her practice will find this really interesting background material. And I think it's interesting for parents and patients too, because it gives a behind the scenes look at an orthodontic practice and there's a lot of discussion about all sorts of aspects of having braces and how to help patients through their treatment.

You can preview the book at the Lulu print page. Just click "preview" under the picture of the cover! And there are two short excerpts at the Intraoral Press site too.

The chapters and subjects I talked to Dr.Wrighting about are: Braced Beginnings - Embracing Orthodontics - Developing a Personal Style - The Psychology of Treatment - The Role of the Parents - A Patient Community - Across the Ages - Patient Selection - Bracing Decisions - Braces: Fixed Appliances - Braces: Removable Appliances - Braces: Headgear - After Braces - Braced Culture - Braces and Sex - The Braced Future.

And here's how I describe the book:
Orthodontist Dr.Samatha Wrighting has played an important role in ten of Catherine Aimes’s novels, shorts, and collections published by Intraoral Press. In A Bracing Life readers finally have a chance to get to know her better. Here readers learn about her unconventional practice, her orthodontic philosophy and her methods and what’s behind all of them as she talks to author Catherine Aimes about all things orthodontic. 

Dr.Wrighting isn’t your usual orthodontist, but her fascination with orthodontics is contagious, and A Bracing Life is a book for everyone who has ever wanted to go behind the scenes in an orthodontic practice and learn what orthodontists are thinking. Chances are, the orthodontist you went to or the one who is treating your kids is very different from Dr.Wrighting, but having braces is a universal experience and the thought-provoking ideas and observations Dr.Wrighting shares in A Bracing Life should be of great interest to anyone who has them, had them or has kids with braces. By reminding us of so much that’s involved in getting, having and living with braces Dr.Wrighting, with all her compassion, tough love, and profound knowledge and skill, helps us navigate that sometimes difficult and awkward time like no one else can.
It costs $4.99 for the ebook versions and $14.95 in print.

I hope you like it!

Saturday, May 04, 2013

Spring awakening

Sorry for not posting more but things are always busy! Fortunately one thing I've been busy with is a new book, which I hope to have ready pretty soon. This is something kind of different from everything else I've done, but I think readers might like it. Don't worry, it's still all about Dr.Wrighting and her orthodontic practice -- but you'll see, it's different too. And I'm still working on the traditional Dr.Wrighting stories too, so don't worry, there will be more of those down the line too!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Singer Faith Hill has braces

Singer Faith Hill has braces as everyone at the Grammy Awards noticed. The reports say "I had braces as a kid. I forgot to wear my retainer." and also that her 15 and 14 year old daughters, Gracie and Maggie, also have them.

I know everyone is convinced these supposedly invisible braces are less obvious and that somehow makes them better, but I still think they're a lot more unsightly and I wish she just had real metal braces. I wonder what the girls wear? I hope some magazine does a whole spread on the family in braces!

Here's another picture.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

"Living the Braced Fantasy" print edition on Amazon

Living the Braced Fantasy has been available in print at Lulu already, but now it's also listed at Amazon, so you can get it there - at or or all the others. I finally got my copy of the print edition and think it looks great, but most readers seem to prefer the ebook format (it is cheaper and quicker to get). But now the print version is easy to get too.

I'm glad that people have been buying this and some of thge otehr Dr.Wrighting books and I hope they're enjoying them!