Monday, September 02, 2013

Fall update

I can't believe how quickly the summer flew by. And I didn't even post anything when we were visiting home on holiday and now it's already back to school time.

I have been busy but not busy enough. I am still working on my big project, and there are a couple of others too. I know I should just concentrate on one at a time, but each one has its own special appeal and some days I'm more in the mood for one, some days for another.

But I hope readers are exploring the Dr.Wrighting books they haven't read yet - there are a lot to choose from after all - and I promise there will be more.

I hope all my readers had a great summer.


MikeFXB said...

Can you give us any hints on the forthcoming projects?

Catherine said...

I'm juggling different things - sometimes I go in one direction, sometimes in another, and I have no idea which I'll be finished with first, so I don't want to raise any false hopes about anything. But one of the projects is the BIG Dr.Wrighting novel that I've been working on for years, which will be the definitive Dr.Wrightimng novel. Sort of all in one! But that's a big project and will still take time to complete.