Sunday, January 22, 2012

Lights, Camera, Braces! - new ebook!

Yes! There's a new Dr. Samantha Wrighting short out from Intraoral Press: Lights, Camera, Braces!

Like all the Dr. Samantha Wrighting shorts it is available only as an ebook. It's pretty substantial too: about 85 print pages or 32,000 words long, and it is available for only $2.99 from:
- Lulu (ePub format)
- on Kindle in the United States
- Kindle: UK
- Kindle: Germany
- Kindle: France

It should also be available as an iBook and on Nook soon

What's it about?
Twelve-year-old Ellenor plays Tabitha 'Tabs' Martin on the new hit TV series, Family Does It, but when Ellenor has to get braces, so does Tabitha. Instead of being the end of her career and life, like she worried, Ellenor becomes a role model and a star. But it comes at an enormous cost – braces! Lights, Action, Braces! is both the story of the everyday struggle of being someone with braces, and of being a star with braces.

This is a pretty tame braces story. It's suitable for all audiences, even younger kids, I think!
From the results of the Intraoral Press Reader Survey I see that a lot of you want more stuff with more sex and adult patients in it. There's none of that here, but I hope you still like the story and the descriptions of the experience of having braces!

But don't worry! More Erotic Orthodontic Encounters are also coming! I'll try to make the next one really raunchy ;-)

And thanks everybody who has taken the Intraoral Press Reader Survey (and if you haven't, please do!). The feedback is SO helpful! A bit surprising too. I'll write about the results soon. And while I can't take your wishes into account in all the books I'm already using some of the feedback for the next Erotic Orthodontic Encounter book, so I hope you'll really like that one.

There are now 9 Intraoral Press books to choose from! I hope you read them all!