Saturday, August 19, 2006

Weekly update

Curiosity about Retainer Girl still doesn't seem to be that big. It does now have a *sales rank* at, so someone must have bought a copy there, but I am surprised that no one has bought it at the American Amazon, which is where I thought all the sales would be!

One of the people who bought it in Germany gave his (or her?) reaction at the Braces Forum site but didn't get what they were hoping for, saying "its very "chewy" to read" and "it didn't convice me". I guess I have to hope other people like their books chewy.... But I'm sorry the reader didn't find what they were looking for in the book.

That's one of the tough things about trying to let people know about the book, since I don't want to mislead them. But I think it's straightforward: it's about a teenager dealing with having braces and with growing up - two things that can be pretty difficult. And the emphasis is on the braces part, because that is the prism through which she deals with growing up. And some aspects of the whole experience are exaggerated for effect

I also posted about the book at the excellent and huge Archwired site. Since that's aimed more at adults who have braces it's not exactly the target audience for Retainer Girl (which really is about that teenage expeience of having braces, which I think is quite different from having them as an adult), but I appreciate being able to make readers aware of it there. (And the next book, Love and Braces, might be of more interest to them!)

Posting there made me aware of some other issues that I hadn't really thought that much about, but that's something for another post!

Now I'm very pleased to say that the next week will be my one vacation week, or as close to it as is possible. The girls are actually busy and taken care of, so Mom doesn't have to worry as much about being Mom and gets to relax. For the first time since I don't want to remember when.... I did the big bookstore-run earlier in the week and look forward to making my way through a great big pile of new books, and I hope to get a lot on Love and Braces done. And I'm not even going to think about the flight back yet.... (Mr.Aimes is flying over next week, so he'll be able to report what to expect.)

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Weekly update

Not that much done in the last week or two, with travel and everything, but at least we weren't flying a few days ago! At least by the time we head back it should be clearer what you can take on board and so on.

Still trying to figure out how to publicize Retainer Girl better and more. The one step I did take was to set up an IoPress space at myspace. But I still have to figure out all that stuff about how to invite people and who to invite and how to get invited... And to find the time to do it...

Haven't been doing enough with Love and Braces either, but it is taking shape and there's not too much more I need to do.