Monday, April 27, 2015

The new book is HERE!!!!!

I know it's been a long time - but it turned out to be a really long book. Over 340 pages! And it is finally done and published and available and I hope you find it was worth the wait!

It's called Braced in Wedlock.

The way I describe it is:
Walter is the man of Lauren’s dreams. They fall passionately in love and nothing stands in the way of a happy life together – except for the one demand Walter has. He insists that the woman he will spend the rest of his life with get braces. And that she remain braced, evermore.

Is he asking too much? Is he asking the impossible? Lauren reacts like anyone would – the idea is ridiculous! – but Walter won’t budge. Who will give in? Or was their love simply not meant to be? What would it mean to face a life sentence of braces?

Lauren faces the biggest decisions of her life. Will she ultimately find herself Braced in Wedlock? Could she take that terrifying step? And if she does, what are the consequences?

Walter enlists Dr.Samantha Wrighting and her enthusiastically braced daughter, Natalie, to help guide the love of his life through this process – but it’s still so incredibly much to ask of anyone. Can love and braces possibly triumph?
Originally I thought this was going to be another Erotic Orthodontic Encounter-book but it really became more of a novel about getting and having braces - a typical Dr.Samantha Wrighting Novel. Of course there is some sex but there's a whole lot more to it as well. I really liked the idea behind it and it was so much fun to explore it with these characters. Especially since Dr.Wrighting and Natalie also play big roles.

Anyway, you can already buy it on Kindle (in the UK and Germany and everywhere else too), and you can get it as an ePub from Lulu (and soon elsewhere too). There's also a print edition available from Lulu (coming to Amazon soon) - but almost all my readers seem to prefer e-books (and it is more expensive), so that's probably only for the collectors and die hard fans!

I hope you like it - and I hope you'll let me know what you think.