Sunday, September 14, 2008

Weekly update

Everything is still moving ahead slowly, but at least I am back in my routine after the disruptions of summer.

The girls had their orthodontists' appointment when we came back (the way the timing worked out we didn't even really miss one while we were away, it probably wasn't a week or so later than it would have been) and we are closing in on the home stretch. One of course is totally antsy and the other doesn't seem to mind so much if she still has to wear them for a while, but of course the one desperate to get them off is the one who will need more time.... I'm thinking of asking their orthodontist to try to keep them on parallel tracks, and get them in retainers at the same time. Or have the more compliant one go first to set the good example. I am a bit worried about the temptation of those removable retainers being removable. Well, I have a few more months before I have to worry about it. It'll be strange seeing the girls without their braces. I guess I should draw as much inspiration from them as I can while they still have them.