Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mother's Day

I wish I had my book finished because it would be a perfect Mother's Day book, but there's still too much to do with it! But I hope it's ready in time so you can have it as one of your big summer reads. It is definitely going to be big....

Even though I already got to celebrate Mother's Day — here in England they do it at the end of March (aka Mothering Day!) — my husband makes sure the girls remember how it's done in the US. Of course it's tougher now that they're not nearby, but at least they and he make a very nice effort.

Even though I haven't had a new book out in a while, I'm really pleased to see new readers continue to find the other ones. And it's neat that more people have been buying the paperbacks! The print versions seem more real to me too — even after I've "e-published" the book, it's never really real to me until I have the printed book in my hands.

But no matter how you read them, I hope you're enjoying them!