Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Notwithstanding sales!

I'm very excited that readers are interested and some have already bought my new short novel Notwithstanding Braces even though it's only available at Lulu for now (Amazon listing should appear soon, I hope, but it may take a few more weeks). Someone even bought it as a download, so they can read it right away. Maybe we'll get some feedback....? So other readers can know whether it's what they're looking for....

I really hope people like it. In some of the other manuscripts I'm working on I get into the sex some as well, but this is the most sustained attempt. I'm not sure how good I am at writing it yet but I think the book turned out very well.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

More on "Notwithstanding Braces"

I've updated the Intraoral Press site too, so there's now a page for Notwithstanding Braces. And remember that you can already buy it from Lulu! (By the way, it's really impressive how easy it is to publish on Lulu now. If you've written a book you should really try it!)

Notwithstanding Braces is the first book in the Erotic Orthodontic Encounter series that I'd like to start. But it all depends on whether people like it (and buy it!). Writing about sex and braces is difficult because there are some limitations, like having the characters be adults. And writing sex scenes can be hard anyway. I had my husband advise me, suggesting what people might like more of and what didn't work so much. Overall I think it turned out really well.

It was also good writing practice. Notwithstanding Braces alternates points of view between the two characters, so you see how each of them is reacting and what they're thinking. And it's also written in the present tense, which makes you feel like you're right there, caught up in the action. At least that was the idea!

Anyway, I hope a lot of you are curious about it and check it out. And that you like it!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New book !

I'm so sorry that I haven't been updating. I've been writing a lot and not finishing anything. But now I finally have a new book finished. It's really short (only 54 pages) and isn't part of the Dr.Wrighting series. It's 'An Erotic Orthodontic Encounter', since I've been trying to write something involving sex and braces, which a lot of people seem to be looking for. I've been trying this a lot of different ways, but so far everything has been too ambitious and that's why I haven't finished them. This is short and sweet and to the point.I hope it's what people want!

So: the book is called Notwithstanding Braces and it's already available at Lulu. It will be available at Amazon soon - I'll let you know when! I hope it's inexpensive enough so that you'll try it, even though it's short.

Here's how I describe it:

Avia is in her early twenties, and for a year now she has had braces and everything that goes with them: no boyfriend, no romance, no sex. Now, on the last day of her vacation trip, she meets Raphael and he invites her for dinner. Is it the prelude to something more, or just more of the same? Can he really be interested in her, notwithstanding the braces? Catherine Aimes's new short novel weaves together the two stories of one unlikely night, the reader shuttled back and forth between what goes through Avia and Raphael's minds and all the surprises, passion and disappointments they encounter along the way.

Let me know if you like it, then I'll try to do more like it!