Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Popular transformations

This book Popular: Vintage Wisdom for the Modern Geek, which is coming out in a few months, sounds like it might be fun. And the teen author Maya Van Wagenen looks appropriately geeky on the book Facebook page:

Yay, braces !

Now it turns out that she has a movie deal for the book already too, with Dreamworks (that sounds like a really big deal). That's really great - but I was really disappointed to see that all of a sudden she looks like this:

No glasses, no braces, no retainer! I guess it's great that she made that transformation from geeky young teen with braces and glasses to a pretty miss whose main accessory is a pearl necklace, but I wonder about the message it sends too. I mean, I haven't read the book but just looking at the pictures it's hard not to think that maybe she became more popular by ditching the glasses and especially the braces and looking normal instead of all wired-up freaky. So it's great that she's still using the old picture on the Facebook page and that readers are greeted by that, but I guess I wish she hadn't left that stage behind her so quickly. Like maybe at least be wearing a retainer in the new picture - a leftover touch of the geeky girl!

And will read the book when it comes out. I wonder if braces play a part in her story!