Saturday, July 15, 2006

Weekly update

Retainer Girl really seems to have taken off in Germany! During the week the sales rank got as high as 2.028 at that Amazon which sounds sensational! But maybe it's just for the English books they sell there.

I finally noticed that for Amazon sales only adds those numbers at the end of the month, so the Lulu sales rank for the book is still terrible - 20,000+ ! But that should improve once the German sales come in.

It's kind of cool that the book has taken off in Germany first. The internet really does make it a small world! But the reason I set the "headquarters" up in the US, even though I am in England is because I was sure that America would be the biggest market. I thought it was going to be almost the only market! I still think that's where most of the sales will be, but I like it that it is also going to be a sort of international success.

The success of the book has also been invigorating as far as the writing goes, and I got a lot more of the next book done. It's already almost as long as Retainer Girl! But I knew it was going to be a bigger project. I think I have another 50 pages to go.

I'm glad that I'm getting so much done now since vacation time is coming up and that's going to limit what I can do. I don't think I can finish before we go to Michigan, but maybe I'll be close enough that I can finish it there. That would be great.

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