Saturday, September 09, 2006

Retainer Girl on "Google book search"

When you publish your book at Lulu you can also submit it to Google book search, which is where they copy the whole book making it easier for people to search it or check out parts of it. It took a long time, but Retainer Girl is now part of it: here.

One of the cool things is that you can now "Search in this book", so readers can check out whatever they want, like if they want to see whether there's anything about headgear or where the parts in the waiting room are or absolutely anything. And you can check out even more sample pages than at Lulu or Intraoral Press.

I'm a bit worried that readers will just check out the available pages and then not bother with the book at all, but I think more people will see that it really is worth getting. Here they really can see that it is a real book and everything.

But I don't know how many people will use this. The only reason I even know about this part of Google is because of Lulu, and I've only used it when I've gone to check whether Retainer Girl is available yet....

Amazon also scans the whole book in if you send it to them, and then you can search and get all sorts of other informatiom. I haven't sent in Retainer Girl yet. I think I'll wait until Love and Braces is ready too.

(And at least one person finally bought a copy of Retainer Girl at the American Amazon!)

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