Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Weekly update

End of term for the girls + Harry Potter + getting everything ready for going home for the summer + work as usual = VERY busy ! At least Harry Potter kept the girls occupied. Headgear girl even wore her headgear practically the whole weekend without complaint, glued to the book. God I hope we are over the hump with that, especially now that we are going to be 1000s of miles away from their orthodontist for over a month. Of course with our luck it'll be the one that's been flying under the radar for the past two months while the headgear drama has been played out that will rebel against her braces!

I have been finding some quiet time somewhere - don't ask me where! - and have been getting some Intraoral Press things done, though the next book still needs a lot of work. But I hope to have one or two surprises in the next weeks.

All of a sudden a lot of people are looking at the 94 Weeks essay. Maybe somebody linked to it, but I'm not sure why it's so popular all of a sudden. But I'm not complaining. And I hope that some of the readers also look at the information about my books and maybe they'll want to read them. If they feel the same way, about how poorly having braces is portrayed on TV then I think they'd especially like Retainer Girl, or find it most helpful. But I hope they'd at least consider looking at all of them.

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