Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Weekly update

Finally getting back in a writing groove with the novel, but again I'm finding it much more interesting to write about the braces - getting the braces and the feelings of being a young woman with braces - than any of the erotic side, which still feels sort of forced. I hope I can integrate it seamlessly into the final version, but for now the sex stuff seems a bit silly to me. But I will try to take it more seriously!

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Anonymous said...


I've just read "The Braced Experience" and i liked it quite much. The more shorter Stories felt much better to read.

I bought it so late because i hadn't found a way to get it here in austria, because German Amazon hasn't listed it from the beginning
But i found another online shop who managed it to order..

So I'm curious what the next book would bring, especially it would be a bit more erotic too as you wrote.

Also i hope the situation for ordering it will get better here in Austria or germany.

I'm also the one who gave the bit negative Feedback at the german Bracesforum for Retainer girl whicht you commented somwehwen in 2006.

The URL to the bracesforum you have linked here doesn't work anymore it has changed to www.bracesforum.net

I think in the name of the whole
community i can say you'd be welcome to join.

Greetings from Austria