Sunday, May 15, 2011

Get Headgeared!

You can now get Headgeared!

This is the first Dr.Samantha Wrighting short, bite-size introductions to the offices and patients of Dr.Wrighting, available exclusively as ebooks and on Kindle.

Headgeared is a short, intense account of facing getting orthodontic headgear.

The orthodontist puts the facebow on the tray in front of the patient. "I stared at it. I realized that my whole life was going to change in the next few minutes."
There's getting braces, and then there's getting headgear on top of the braces. Headgeared is one girl's short story about the day that changed everything.

It's only 34 pages long (12,000 words) - but it's also cheap: $1.99 on Lulu, and $.99 on Kindle. I hope this is a good way to let readers sample the world of Dr.Wrighting, and then maybe they'll take a look at the other books!

It's now available at Lulu, and on Kindle at Amazon in the US, the UK and even in Germany.

I hope readers like it!


Anonymous said...

Hi - I am certainly glad to discover this. great job!

Anonymous said...

learned a lot

Anonymous said...

Hi Thanks for such a perfect submit and the evaluation, I'm completely impressed! Maintain stuff like this coming.

Arturo Indelicato said...

I read some of Dr. Wrighting's books and I want to read this too, but it isn't printed and so I can't read it, why didn't you print it?

Catherine said...

The "Dr.Samantha Wrighting shorts" are shorter works that are currently only available as ebooks - I thought they were too short to be worth publishing separately.

But I will probably collect them in one printed volume when I have one or two more of them !