Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New eBook!!!!

Yes! A new Dr.Samantha Wrighting short is available! (It's available on Lulu (here!) and should be available on Kindle in a few days.) It's a "short", so it's only available as an eBook (I'm going to collect the shorts in a print edition too, after the next one is published).

What is it called?
Madison's Braces

What's it about?
When she's in fifth grade more and more of Madison's classmates get braces - and she finds out she will need them as well. But Madison sees what happens to kids with braces, and how they are treated, and she decides she wants to use that to her advantage: she wants to wait until she's fifteen until she gets them, hoping they'll help ward off the pressures of fitting in and looking pretty and playing dumb for the boys. If she has braces then, she thinks she'll be able to avoid falling for all of that, and can concentrate on her studies instead. Will her parents go along with her plan? Will her orthodontist, Dr.Wrighting? And what's it like having braces in high school? Read about Madison's orthodontic journey, in the Dr.Samatha Wrighting short, Madison's Braces.

How short a short is it?
It's a long one! About 90 pages and 35,000 words!

How much does it cost?
Only $3.49! And that's what the Kindle version will cost too.

Who is it suitable for?
This is one of the Dr.Samantha Wrighting books that's really about what it's like having braces, so this is suitable for general audiences. But like all the Dr.Samantha Wrighting books, remember that it's "a work of fiction and for entertainment purposes some aspects of orthodontic treatment and wear are exaggerated and the characters' experiences should not be considered representative".

I hope you like it!

I'll be posting more information soon! I haven't even had time to put up a page for the book at the Intraoral Press website, but I wanted you to know that the new book is available. And there's another "short", and another "Erotic Orthodontic Encounter" that should be finished soon too!

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