Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving treat ! Get "Bracing Times with Cecilia"

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! And as a special treat: there's a new Dr. Samantha Wrighting novel available, Bracing Times with Cecilia!

Right now it's available in print from Lulu (where you can also preview the first pages) and on Kindle in: Bracing Times with Cecilia is the third volume in the Erotic Orthodontic Encounter series, and it's the most ambitious and longest one yet — 132 pages and over 53,000 words. So I hope you get your money's worth!

What's it about? Well, the way I describe it is:
Cecilia is a junior in college. On the one hand, she’s beautiful, from a wealthy family, smart and charming. On the other hand … she has braces. Roger is torn, attracted to everything about her — but her braces are impossible to overlook. Drawn to one another, they begin a relationship — but Cecilia’s orthodontic issues and then her demands don’t make it easy for Roger.
I'm really excited about this one because it introduces a great new character to the Dr.Samantha Wrighting novels. Cecilia St.Winthropson is twenty years old here, and the novel just describes her first half year or so in braces — and in her relationship with Roger. She's considering a career in orthodontics, and she even gets a summer job helping out at Dr.Wrighting's office, but what happens next is still totally open. Will she really go into orthodontics? Will she and Roger stay together?

I really like this character because she has a lot of issues to work through, and she still has a lot of room to develop as a character and I am looking forward to using her in more novels.

It is an Erotic Orthodontic Encounter, so there is quite a bit of sex. I hope I am doing that in a way readers like! Some of what happens here is a bit kinky, I guess, but that's also in keeping with the character and also what I think makes Cecilia so interesting.

This novel is narrated by Roger, who become her boyfriend. I think it's a good way to introduce Cecilia, but maybe I'll have her narrate her own story in a later book.

Anyway, I hope you like it, and I hope you like Cecilia! I look forward to hearing what readers think — including what they think should happen to Cecilia (and Roger).

Happy Thanksgiving!


MikeFXB said...

I just finished reading this one last night. Great work! I've also read Love and Braces and Notwithstanding Braces, and I think Bracing Times was absolutely the best of the three.

I think your writing improved over the course of the three books. There were also a couple of passages in Bracing Times where I felt I really understood and empathized with the main characters.

I'd like to do an Amazon review, like I did with Love and Braces, but I'm still trying to figure out how to write a review of a racy book like this...

Keep up the good work, and I look forward to buying the next book in the series!

Catherine said...

Thanks, that's really great to hear! Especially that my writing has improved! So I hope I keep doing better with the next ones and I hope you like them too.