Sunday, January 05, 2014

Have some Bracing Daydreams!

Yes, the new book is here! Bracing Daydreams! Currently it's only available as an ebook, which you can get in the ePub format at Lulu or on Kindle at any of the Amazons - like the US Amazon, the UK Amazon, the German Amazon.

It's about 113 pages long (43,000 words) and the way I describe it is:

Like so many girls, Pamela's daughter Emma had braces - reminding Pamela of her own braced years, and inspiring her with visions of both what the experience was actually like and what it could have been. Alternating between Pamela's account of her daughter's experiences and the daydreams she has of reliving it herself, much more intensely, Bracing Daydreams captures so much of what it's like to be a girl with braces. 
Because of some mature and complex content, Bracing Daydreams may not be appropriate for younger readers or those who have not yet undergone orthodontic treatment.
This is another book about the experience of having braces - and since there's some fantasy and since it's Dr.Wrighting some of it is more extreme than the usual orthodontic experience.  Not very much sex (I know some of you want more of that...) but I think it's a pretty sensual book. (And don't worry, another Erotic Orthodontic Encounter is coming!)

For now it's only available as an ebook because it is part of a bigger project - but I might package it with the other 'shorts' for a print edition before I finish that. (But not many of you buy the print editions, so I guess there's no rush.)

I hope you like it!


Mike FXB said...

Bought mine yesterday on Kindle! Looking forward to the read on my next business trip (Vegas next week). Eager for the release of the next erotica book, too.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed it! Now I'm curious about the bigger project. Any hints?

Catherine said...

Thanks for buying and reading - you and all the fans! Glad you enjoyed it, Anonymous, I hope the rest of you will too!

Bigger project just one of the bigger things I'm juggling - don't want to give away or promise too much yet because I don't know how things will work out. But I will say that I like the way the next Erotic Orthodontic Encounter is shaping up!