Saturday, May 02, 2015

Have you gotten...Braced in Wedlock yet?

I'm so excited to see that a lot of you have already got Braced in Wedlock! I hope you're enjoying it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I know it's a big book, but I think it's a grand story that deserves all that space. More braces-pleasure on more braced pages too, right?

For a long time the title I had for it was For Better, For Worse, In Braces. I liked that, but I think Braced in Wedlock is better. The wed-lock is so appropriate!

 The whole story was a fun thought experiment. This crazy what if? I like books that do that, and I thought this was a really interesting idea to explore. I know a lot of you would probably prefer it if it were just about the sex, but I think the book is more intriguing when it's not that simple and Walter's demand can't be reduced to just that.

I really hope you like it - and that new readers find their way to the whole big Dr.Wrighting library through it. More than a dozen books on braces already!

And if you haven't gotten your copy yet I hope you rush ot and get it. (Well actually, all you need to do is download it to your Kindle - it's available at all the Amazons! US, UK, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, and everywhere else - or get the ePub at Lulu!)


Anonymous said...

Hi Catherine, congratulations on your latest book - Braced in Wedlock. I think it is your best yet. The premise appeals to my fetish interest in braces and I also have some empathy with the scenario as I had my wife braced after we got married, although not quite in the same way as in your book!

MikeFXB said...

I'm about halfway through, and really enjoying it! I understand why some people would want more sex in it, but I actually think (at least so far) you're struck a very nice balance between the plot itself, the details about braces, Lauren's terror at the idea of having braces forever, and the sex.

I admit that at first I was put off by Walter's massive wealth. It seemed very much like every other recent book about a sweeping romance (or like 50 Shades). But now I understand why he pretty much needed to be a rich man for the story to move forward, and so that Lauren has that hesitation about giving up the life of ease.

I'm looking forward to reading the second half of the book!

Catherine said...

Thanks, that's great to hear. I am so glad you're enjoying it!

(And yeah, making Walter really wealthy bothered me a bit too, but it just made so much else in the book easier, so I just couldn't resist doing it that way.)

MikeFXB said...

Finished the book last night. It is, without a doubt, your best adult-themed work yet. Maybe I feel that way because it almost seemed like you'd crawled into my head, looked around, and started writing what you saw. It really hit home regarding my feelings about braces, more than any of your previous books I've read.

"Love and Braces" was my previous favorite, but you've completely surpassed it. I thoroughly enjoyed "Braced in Wedlock," to the point where I left the Kindle app open on my phone all week, and would sneak in a few pages while I was doing things like heating up my lunch at work! I read some of it every night before bed, too. I literally could not put it down.

Nicely done, Catherine. The wait for this book was painfully long, but utterly worth it. I'll post a review on Amazon as soon as I completely collect my thoughts.

Catherine said...

Thank you so much for the reviews! It's so great to hear that you liked it and I hope that many other readers have similar reactions.

I don't know how I'll top this one, but I do still have a few more ideas that I am playing with....

MikeFXB said...

Incidentally, my wife is now reading the new book. I think it'll help her really wrap her mind around my unusually-high interest in women with braces.

Catherine said...

That's great! I hope she liked it too.