Saturday, January 23, 2016

Braces and Beyond - the new book is here!

Exciting news - the new book is finally finished and available!

It's Braces and Beyond and it's another Dr.Samantha Wrighting Novel, this time with yet another twist. I really like it and I think it's another fun way of exploring having braces.

You can get it on Kindle (yes in the UK and Germany and the Netherlands and all those other places too), as well as in an ePub version from Lulu.

I know I can't satisfy all my readers with all my books and those of you looking for more erotic adventures won't find them here but I think it speaks to a lot of readers. It's certainly the kind of novel that I really would have liked to have found when I was an older teen (and beyond that too).

I hope you enjoy it!


Corinne said...


Great book. I love it.
You have the same dream as me... Where can I bought this portal !!
I want to try to go to school with a headgear !!

Thanks, again, hope to read more books from you

Catherine said...

Thanks Corinne! I'm so impressed you already read it so fast and I'm really pleased you liked it so much!

Getting such a portal is probably difficult - but maybe you'll find it again in one of my future books ��

Corinne said...

I try to read it as fast as I can... but English is not my mother language, it's take me some time.

Please write more Dr. Samantha Wrighting Novel, i promise I will bought them...
And if you can add more removable device... and more not cooperative child... I like it :-)

thanks again

see you

MikeFXB said...

Not quite up my alley based on the description, but I wish you excellent success with the new book!