Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Five Questions!

There's a new blog called Braces Memories and they just posted an Interview with Intraoral Press' Catherine Aimes! That's me! I hope you find it interesting — and I reveal the title of the new book! (It is still very much in the works. And it is HUGE. I want to get it out in time that readers can have a great braces summer read, but it is a lot of work.)


Unknown said...

Dearest Catherine, Thank you so very much. I'm very grateful you posted the details about the book on the girl who had to wear a back brace, most interesting & I totally agree that she must have experienced a whole lot of similar emotions to many a newly-braced teen girl with orthodontic issues. I have listened to a few stories on the web about wearing something called a ''Milwaukee''Brace & in at least one I was interested to note that the girl was actually required to wear orthodontic braces & retainer-like plates in order to protect her teeth from the forces of the back brace. Thank you for drawing attention to the ''Braces Memories'' site, full of great stories & info, and may I say what a lovely interview you gave ! Lastly, I am super excited about what you wrote on the upcoming newest book - ''Mothers, Daughters, Braces'' sounds such an exciting title, I can hardly wait to listen. What it did, of course, was to remind me of the last part of ''Braced in Wedlock'' where Lauren sits with her oldest daughter on the day she first gets braced, with wonderful mom-daughter bonding. If it is anything like that then I can imagine it being really the very best book ever out of your already wonderful book collection. In excited anticipation, love & kisses, always & forever, love from Shontelleiya xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Catherine said...

Hi Shontelleiya! Thanks for the comment! Glad to hear you're looking forward to the new book. I'm madly working on the end and the editing and so hopefully it will be available soon.