Sunday, September 17, 2017

It's time to get..."Braced for Seduction"!

Are your ready for Braced for Seduction? I sure hope so, because here it is!

I know my hardcore fans have been disappointed that I haven’t published any Erotic Orthodontic Encounters recently, so here’s a special treat for them – although I hope all my readers enjoy it! (I don’t have to remind you that, with its mature content, it’s not suitable for younger readers, right?)

It’s nowhere near as massive as Mothers, Daughters, Braces, but it does offer 135 pages of good old orthodontic titillation and satisfactions. It’s the story of one weekend of unexpected teenage discovery and new experiences – and, yes, I go places I haven’t gone before in my previous books!

No Dr.Wrighting in this one – but don’t worry, she’ll be back soon! And Caroline and Charles’s orthodontists have taken a page or two out her books.

I think you’ll have lots of fun with this!

Available already on Kindle (internationally too: UK, Canada, Germany, and all the oterh Amazons), and from Lulu as an ePub or in print. And coming soon in print everywhere, and on all the other electronic platforms.

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