Saturday, July 05, 2014

Other braces books

I'm still working on my latest book and I really like how it's going. I hope I can share it with you soon. But I'm glad to see other people are writing books that involve braces too, and a new one just came out: F.N.Brown's The Illumination of Frances Harmon, which has a nice site and which you can get on Kindle at the American Amazon, or Amazon in the UK.

 I've just read the sample text at Amazon and this sounds a lot different from what I have been doing, but I'm sure some of my readers will be interested in this too.

 And what a great idea to have that book trailer!

I haven't come across any other new books in which braces play a big role recently, but I'm always looking!


MikeFXB said...

Good looking out! I ordered the book on Kindle. Seems a bit weird (even for a braces-fetish book), but I'll give it a try. Braces books are few and far between.

How's your new book coming along?

Anonymous said...

What was the book like Mike?

MikeFXB said...

I've only read about five or six chapters, but so far it seems like Twilight (or at least what I imagine Twilight to be) crossed with one of Catherine's "erotic orthodontic encounter" books. A chapter I read last night did grab my attention, I admit. The protagonist is sort of forced to admit her braces fetish to her closest friend, and it's a very insightful piece of writing.

I will say the author REALLY loves flowery language and five-dollar words, though. Sometimes the words are so dense that reading is a little difficult - and that's coming from someone whose favorite book is Les Miserables!

I'll post again when I finish the book, but as of now I'm mostly enjoying it and think it was worth the Kindle purchase.

Catherine said...

My book is coming along well but it's turning out to be a major work. I've hit 200 pages and I still have a while to go! But I like it a lot - hope you and all the other readers will too.

MikeFXB said...

Okay, I finished the book. It’s WAY more about the occult and magic -– and from a very female-centric point of view –- than it is about braces. Really, the braces play a relatively minor role in the story. Actual braces don’t appear in the book until the last quarter of the novel, and based on a laughably silly premise. There are some retainers in the first half of the book, however.

I will say that there are a few good “braces scenes” scattered throughout the book. An early scene has the protagonist very awkwardly confessing her fetish for braces to a friend, and it's well-written and interesting (especially for those of us who have been in that position). There’s a female masturbation scene involving retainers. There’s a lesbian love scene where braces figure lightly. A character gets braces toward the end of the book, though there’s little detail about it.

On the whole, though, about 95% of the book is devoted to windy explanations of various aspects of the supernatural and occult. The author uses exceedingly dense prose in his expository writing, though the dialogue of the (English) characters is pretty good. The density of the prose made me lose interest and start skimming the text more than once, though that was also because I have absolutely zero interest in the supernatural or the occult. In fact, I find it ridiculous, but your mileage may vary.

In sum, this is a book about the occult, not about braces. If you want to read a book about college-aged “witches,” one of whom has a braces fetish that the book barely explores in a sexual sense, this might be the one for you. Otherwise, I strongly recommend any of Catherine's “erotic orthodontic encounter” novels over this one.

Catherine - I'm looking forward to your new book!

Anonymous said...

Hi folks,

Having been hopefully anticipating any comments about my book on my own website, I've found them aplenty here! So I suppose I've got a lot of explaining to do :)

Firstly, I'm glad that you have enjoyed the braces scenes and dialogue. I initially began writing "Frances" as a consequence of my own, now waning, braces fetish but actually found myself far more engaged in the process of telling an occult story- another major interest of mine- as opposed to one that was 'just' about fetishes. As a secondary consideration, I hoped this might help it to reach a slightly wider audience.

I'm also glad that the book strikes you as being from a female-centric point of view, as I have been concerned from the start that I mightn't be able to pull off first-person narrative as a woman given that I am most definitely male! :)

Concerning the flowery language I shall make no apology- especially where the protagonist is an academically-minded esotericist. Notwithstanding,I appreciate that certain passages might read like treackle if your primary interest in the braces content.

That said, I'd be interested to read a review from anyone who is interested in occultism, and perhaps who isn't so interested in the braces side of things, to see how the response weighs up.

P.S. thanks to Catherine for providing this interesting forum!