Saturday, August 02, 2014

New readers

It's really nice to see that readership of the Dr.Wrighting books has picked up recently. There's usually a lot of interest when a new title comes out, but then things slow down, but this summer a lot of readers seem to be picking up the books. I hope you're enjoying them!

The new one is really coming together and with some vacation time maybe I'll come close to finishing it soon. (But vacations tend to be busy too, don't they? And full of unexpected distractions and obligations.) I think it's a pretty special book - but it is going to be long too. The longest of all the Dr.Wrighting books. Sometimes I worry that it'll be too much - but my readers can never get enough of braces, right?


MikeFXB said...

The longer the better! (That's what she said.) I really enjoyed "Love and Braces," and that's a fairly lengthy book. I'd certainly read a longer book about braces, assuming the content is up my alley - adults rather than kids/teens.

Enjoy your vacation!

Catherine said...

I hope everyone feels that way, because it is getting long - even though it doesn't feel that way to me, because I think the story really sustains all that length. And yes, this one is very adult-focused! Though given Dr.Wrighting's practice there are always lots of younger patients in the background. And of course Natalie is there too, all braced up.

MikeFXB said...

That's good to know! I'll buy it as soon as it's available on Kindle.

Anonymous said...

Anxiously awaiting your next book!!