Friday, August 07, 2015

Summer vacation

I hope all my readers are enjoying their summer vacations like I am - and that new readers are discovering and enjoying the Dr.Samantha Wrighting books too!

I have been hard at work on the new one and it is going really well. I'm really happy that I have found another creative way of exploring the braces experience. I hope readers like it as much as I do - it is definitely something different, yet again.

Even with visiting family and traveling I am finding more time to write here and there on vacation, so maybe it will even get finished soon. I hope so - even though the writing is a lot of fun too.


MikeFXB said...

It'll be very hard to top "Braced In Wedlock," but I always look forward to a new work. It seems like your new titles seem to drop when I have business trips to Las Vegas, which is very convenient. I hope it'll be done before September 11th - my next Vegas trip!

Unknown said...

Dearest Catherine, I adored ''Braced In Wedlock'' & consider it to be your very best novel since the awesome & so-inspiring ''Love and Braces'' which was some time ago now. The documentary type stories of late, ''Bracing Daydreams'' and ''A Bracing Life'' were excellent in their own way, with magnificent details on treatment plans & their implementation, but for me the emotional side of living with braces, whereby Sylvia struggled with her situation & Lauren had so many nightmares just preparing for her bracing - these aspects of feelings in turmoil have especially impressed me. I always feel a little sad towards the end of each of your novels, as I feel you dodge opportunities to further develop the situations no doubt for the sound reason of getting the book finished - I so hoped for more anxiety when Lauren met her family & friends in her braces, & hoped that at some point her headgear wear time would increase meaning she had to face family & friends with facebows & harness ? Likewise I always felt that Sylvia had somehow got off by the agreement that her work time was to be unaffected by headgear hours, which would have opened up opportunities for future distress - maybe a future novel could investigate how an over 18 year old female could cope with full time headgear wear for university studying or even better for actual employment ? Another thought has been that the magnificent ''Madison's Braces'' offered the opportunity for a patient to willingly have to wear braces for very many years in order to both please the orthodontist & parents about immediate treatment & also her own desire to be braced in High School so she was pretty much forced to concentrate on her studies as boyfriends were highly unlikely - maybe a future story could take up the offer of prolonged years of deliberate slow treatment for those reasons, maybe follow a girl from middle school till she graduates from college, all wearing a metallic smile & maybe even years of full time headgear wear ? I especially adored the way Madison had the true 'love-hate' relationship with her braces and both wanted them badly but also felt the tingles of embarrassment in the company of others, not the usual totally anti-braces sentiment or the extraordinary pro-braces feelings of the odd ''braces-lover'' type who sometimes shows up, notably Sally in ''Living The Braced Fantasy'' and to some extent Cecilia too. I always wondered if you might do a companion to the idea behind ''Retainer Girl'' in which the older teen or university-age girl wished to prolong her time in full braces & maybe even full-time headgear, just because of the feeling of security that her braced mouth/head gives her as she struggles with the onset of adult-style feelings/relationships combined with the need to still focus on her academics in an almost solitary way ? I was so thrilled by your posts over the summer of a new novel in the pipeline, now I'm just wondering if the long silence since September means you've encountered a problem ? I hope not & wish you & your family a great holiday season. Love & kisses, always & forever, love from Shontelleiya xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

MikeFXB said...

All I want for Christmas is a new Catherine Aimes book.