Wednesday, August 23, 2017

"Mothers, Daughters, Braces" - paperback

Mothers, Daughters, Braces has been available in paperback — a big, fat, beautiful 635 page paperback! — on Lulu already, but now it is also available in paperback at Amazon (and all the international Amazons) and should be available through all book retailers now or soon. It's a big (and expensive) book, but I really think the paperback version is the one to have.

Of course I know most of my readers prefer ebooks — and it is true that this one is easier to hold in ereader format. Maybe even if you're carrying around your laptop! (The paperback is big!) So you can always get it on Kindle, as an iBook, or an ePub.

I think you'll enjoy it no matter what format you read it in..

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