Tuesday, August 01, 2017

My empty-nest book

Mothers, Daughters,Braces is definitely my empty-nest book. It started out as something completely different – even with a different title – but I was quickly and inexorably pulled towards this story. It just shaped itself into this, almost without my doing. That’s how it seemed, anyway.

It also became much more than I had originally expected. But there was so much to say! (Isn’t there always, when it comes to braces?) And I really think it works – I think the length is justified. I hope a lot of readers enjoy losing themselves in this story for so long.

This was so much fun to write – even if it also made me feel nostalgic. It still feels so personal, even though it isn’t at all my story, or the story of my girls – yes, I had braces as a kid, and I had two braced daughters, but we certainly didn’t have the Dr.Wrighting-experience and our treatment and experiences weren’t really like a lot that happens in Mothers, Daughters, Braces. But I think that’s also why the novel works – because so many people, especially mothers and daughters, can relate to the characters and what they go through, even if it’s very different from what they went (or are going…!) through, the same way I could relate to everything as I was writing it.

I hope readers enjoy it as much – and get as much out of it! – as I did writing it!.

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I liked it.