Tuesday, February 06, 2007

A big step closer!

Love and Braces is beginning to become available. The final version has been approved, and that means that it is now available at Lulu.com! It still has to be listed in Books in Print and then all the retailers will pick it up (Amazon.com, B&N). I'll let you know when that happens - it'll probably be a few more weeks before it starts showing up.

But there are good reasons to order it from Lulu, especially if you're in the US. First: it's available NOW. And second: it's cheaper than it will be at Amazon ($16.50 at Lulu.com, $21.95 retail) and unless you get free shipping or some other good deal from where you buy online, Lulu is a lot cheaper. I know you have to sign up with them, but they print and ship very quickly, and the mailing rates are reasonable. If you're overseas (all my German readers!) you'll probably want to wait until it's available at Amazon there, but in the US you really should think of buying direct.

I've updated some of the information at the Intraoral Press website, and there's an information page for Love and Braces now, so you can see what you're getting, as well as an excerpt. And there are links to the Lulu page where you can buy it all over the place!

I'm very excited and can't wait to hear what the first readers have to say. I'll have more to say about the book here over the next few weeks - I don't want to say too much too early, because I want everyone to be able to buy it, and I think some people will wait until it is available everywhere, and not just at Lulu.


luck0037 said...
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Anonymous said...

Finally! I loved RG so much and can't wait to get this!Thanks!