Saturday, February 17, 2007

Weekly update

Still no Books in Print listing, which means no online bookstore listings, so
Love and Braces is still only available at It shouldn't take too much longer, but the waiting is hard. And I missed that Valentines Day tie-in marketing opportunity!

I wonder whether Love and Braces will also renew interest in Retainer Girl. I think it might, because Retainer Girl might sound like it's much more limited, but people who read Love and Braces and like it will surely want to read another Dr.Wrighting-novel. And I think it'll be easier to attract readers for Love and Braces because maybe it sounds more like the usual experience patients have with braces. It's also too bad that Retainer Girl is listed as like a kid's book at a lot of the places too, since it really is for older teens (and adults !).

I am confident that once I can tap into that market - of teens and adults who have or had braces - the books will take off, because there really is nothing like them. But it's so hard making readers aware of them!

The story collection I'm working on now is going very well, but for now I just want Love and Braces to be available everywhere so everyone who wants it can easily get it!

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